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Virupaksha Cave
January 30, 2017

Virupaksha cave is located in the eastern slopes of Arunachala (Red Mountain), Tiruvannamalai. It is the holy place where Sri Ramana Maharishi lived for seventeen years. The cave resembles the “Om” shape.

A renowned saint Virupaksha spent his life in this cave and this is considered as the main reason behind the cave being named after him. There is a belief that his body turned to ashes after his Samadhi which is preserved in this cave and worshipped by everyone there by every day.


Virupaksha cave has a couch stone outside which is termed as unique feature of the cave. This cave is considered as one of the famous meditation spots in Tiruvannamalai. The path to this cave is steep and it is more difficult for the non-hiker.

During the early years on the Hill, Ramana used to be typically silent. His radiance had already drawn a group of devotees round him. Not only the saints & yogis had been drawn to him also common people, youngsters in addition are attracted towards the Virupaksha cave. Small children from the city would climb up the hill to Virupaksha Cave, sit down close him, mess around him, and then return feeling happy. Squirrels and monkeys would come up to him and devour out of his hand.

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