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Unveil The Hidden Vault of Tiruvanamalai Temple

Unveil The Hidden Vault of Tiruvanamalai Temple
May 25, 2017

The Tiruvanamalai temple is rich in its cultural heritage. Exploring the temple bit by bit will unleash or unlock so many interesting facts about this temple.

Interesting Facts About Tiruvanamalai Temple

  • Annamalaiyar Temple is an important Panchabhoota Sthala representing the element of fire.
  • The Gigantic Annamalaiyar temple stands tall in Tiruvanamalai at a height of 2,472 feet.
  • The Girivalam path is a stretch of 14kms that circumambulates the Hill.
  • The temple has four main entrances called ‘gopurams’ built in the 16th century, the main Rajagopuram on eastern side standing at 217 feet.
  • The Temple has myriad shrines, with Annamalayar and Unnamulai Amman being the main shrines.
  • In the 7th century, the presiding deity is revered in Tamil Saiva canonical work, “The Tevaram” written by Saiva Kurvargal Nalvar and is classified as paadal petra sthalam.
  • The 9th century Saiva saint poet Manikavasagar composed “Tiruvempaavai” here.
  • The Tiruvanamalai temple houses many mandapams. The most notable oner is the 1000 pillared mandapam built during the vijayanagar period.
  • The Temple is administered, controlled and regulated under the Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Act, 1959.

One can witness the artistic excellence of Cholas “Tiruvanamalai Temple”, at the foothills of the Tiruvanamalai range. Tiruvanamalai temple is such a magnificent spot that it would impress tourists no matter where they come from. The Ramana Maharshi Ashram and Yogi Ram Suratkumar Ashram also attract devotees from all over the world. Manasarovar Homes with its Rajalakshmi Serviced Apartments provide the perfect play to stay at Thiruvannamalai to explore hidden vault of the temple and all ashrams around..

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