Unveil The Hidden Vault of Tiruvanamalai Temple


The Tiruvanamalai temple is rich in its cultural heritage. Exploring the temple bit by bit will unleash or unlock so many interesting facts about this temple. Interesting Facts About Tiruvanamalai Temple Annamalaiyar Temple is an important Panchabhoota Sthala representing the element of fire. The Gigantic Annamalaiyar temple stands tall in Tiruvanamalai at a height of […]


Tiruvanamalai Temple – The 1000 Year Old Magnificent Pilgrimage Centre


Tiruvanamalai, the “Eternal City,” has been a sacred place and an important pilgrimage Centre in Tamil Nadu. Tiruvanamalai temple is such a magnificent spot that it would impress tourists no matter where it is. The Ramana Maharshi Ashram and Yogi Ram Suratkumar Ashram also attract devotees from all over. Tiruvanamalai temple is constructed in such […]


Celebrate Mahashivratri at Thiruvannamalai


The festival of Mahashivratri is celebrated annually on the 13th or 14th day of the luni-solar month of the Hindu calendar. This usually falls in the month of February or March every year which marks the arrival of the spring season. This festival is celebrated on a full-moon day or “Pournami” and lasts an entire […]