Homely Serviced Aparment in Thiruvannamalai at Manasarovar Homes

Manasarovar Homes – Thiruvannamalai’s finest & best serviced apartment promises you a truly cultured and folklore experience.If you wish to experience the divinity of Annamalaiyar Temple, then Manasarovar Homes Serviced Apartments in Thiruvannamalai is the place to stay. Close to the temple of Thiruvannamalai and surrounded by a serene neighbourhood, Manasarovar Homes offers tasteful, comfortably […]


Things you should know before taking a Pilgrimage to Tiruvannamalai

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Tiruvannamalai is an ancient city situated about 80 kilometers from Vellore district of Indian state of Tamilnadu. This city is considered as one of the holiest destination in the state, because it is here the God is worshipped in his fire incarnation. The city encompasses multitudes of temples and thus thousands of pilgrims from various […]


Why Lord Annamalayar is Worshipped in the Form of a Flame?


Although there are numerous temples of Lord Shiva across the country of India, the Annamalayar temple in Thiruvannamalai finds a special place for itself as the main deity Lord Shiva is being worshipped in the form of a “flame”. There are many legends associated with the story of why Lord Shiva took the form of […]


Plan your Adventurous Escape to Parvathamalai


Parvathamalai is located at Thenmathimangalam village, which is about 20 kms away from Polur, north of Thiruvannamalai district. Parvathamalai, additionally known as Sithar Malai is packed with herbs, which is best known for its medicinal values. It is 3500 feet high from the ocean stage and it has iron rod steps, song steps, ladder steps, […]