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Plan your Adventurous Escape to Parvathamalai

Plan your Adventurous Escape to Parvathamalai
April 15, 2017

Parvathamalai is located at Thenmathimangalam village, which is about 20 kms away from Polur, north of Thiruvannamalai district. Parvathamalai, additionally known as Sithar Malai is packed with herbs, which is best known for its medicinal values. It is 3500 feet high from the ocean stage and it has iron rod steps, song steps, ladder steps, and sky steps or agayapadi (suspended bridge), which is very uncommon and no longer located in any other hill. On top of the hill, 2000 years old vintage Lord Shiva temple is located in the name of Mallikarjunaswamy. We can reach Parvathamalai from three extraordinary routes, among that Thenmathimangalam direction is the easiest one! One can also visit the nearby ashram of Mounaguruswamy, who is one of the great saints in Thiruvannamalai.

On the occasion of complete moon day, no moon day and new moon day, the Parvathamalai hill draws many devotees, who gather to perform dharshan to Lord Shiva. Annadhanam will be provided for the devotees who come on that day inside the ashram itself.

There is a notion on some involved tale at the back of this hill along with follows:

icon When Lord Hanuman carried Sanjeevini hill to restore Laxman, a piece of Sanjeevenimalai fell right here. Hence, this vicinity is likewise known for diverse herbs and shrubs which can be used as a remedy for deadliest diseases.

icon When Lord Shiva lowered his back from the Himalayas to the south, he made his first step on this very Parvathamalai.

Many Siddhars have made this hill as their home and additionally practice yoga. A lot of people have pronounced seeing many paranormal activities. You can scent the fragrance of plant life all around the temple. The goddess idol has a very spectacular splendor which may be by no means visible anywhere else. A divine mind may be visible on cheeks of the goddess. This is an area vested with plenty of spiritual strength.

Ramana Maharishi stated that there may be no need for Guru for human beings in and around 30Kms of Thiruvannamalai, since he will guide them as Guru. So people inquisitive about spirituality come here every month and reap bliss and enlightenment.

The place draws trekking fans from all over the world. Besides trekking, this location serves as a religious center. So if you’re around Thiruvannamalai do visit this vicinity!

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