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A Sacred Trip to Skandashram, Thiruvannamalai

A Sacred Trip to Skandashram, Thiruvannamalai
February 20, 2017

Hope you enjoyed reading our previous blog which enlightened about Virupaksha cave, Tiruvannamalai. “Skandashram” is another important mystic and holy cave of Tiruvannamalai. Generally, caves become more popular because of the Saints and Yogis staying for many years and likewise Skandashram became popular by Shri Ramana Maharishi.

This is the place where Shri Ramana Maharishi lived for seven years (1915-1922) after leaving Virupaksha Cave.. Skandashram was built by Kandaswami, one of the devotees of Ramana who planted large amounts of coconut and palm trees to make the place breezier! He also modified the surroundings and ambience of the ashram by well utilizing the funds collected from the trustees and others.

Ramana’s mother Alagammal stayed with him in Skandashram to prepare food (cook) for his son and other devotees. Ramana Maharishi survived in this cave with his devotees until his mother’s death in 1922 after which he moved to the bottom of the hill permanently, which is now called as Ramanashram. Skandashram is located one mile from Ramanashram and is a place well renowned for meditation and peace. Renowned author A.D.M. Panneerselvam, on his book ‘Thiruvannamalai; The Power and glory of The Mountain Path’ quotes the below about Skandashram;

“Here follows yet another proof to show that the Mountain itself is Lingam. No one can dare to carry on quarrying on the Hill for its (granite) stones. And Annamalaiyar proclaimed it to the world through an incident. Once the devotees of Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi cut a stone slab from the hill and honoured their guru by seating him on it. And Ramana, the saint of the first order, had to suffer from cancer. It was a sport of Lord Siva.”

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