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Rent Fully Furnished Serviced Apartments For Your Holidays in Tiruvannamalai

Rent Fully Furnished Serviced Apartments For Your Holidays in Tiruvannamalai
September 13, 2017

Manasarovar Homes is located in the heart of tiruvannamalai only a few feet away from the Annamalayar Temple.

Whether you are after something cheap for the weekend or you fancy a luxury serviced apartment in tiruvannamalai, we have the perfect apartment for you! Book online or by phone and enjoy the comforts of your own furnished apartment in the Southern capital.

Our Serviced Apartment addresses everybody who prefers simple and clean accommodation. The apartment features all the modern equipment which is necessary for a pleasant stay in Tiruvannamalai.

Why You Should Rent Our Serviced Aprtment?

The Manasarovar Homes has 12 fully furnished Serviced Apartments built on 3 floors.

Our luxurious serviced apartment is equipped with complete bathrooms, TV, free Internet access by WIFI.

Renting serviced apartments with us can be a cheap alternative as you will have a fully-equipped kitchen complete with a fridge to store all your food items! You can save money on expensive restaurants by cooking a treat in your own kitchen which you can then enjoy on your own terrace or balcony in Manasarovar Homes!

All the 12 serviced apartments in Manasarovar Homes are perfectly suited for family of four, a couple and their kids. Every attempt has been taken to bring you an exclusive experience pampered by the best of grandeur.

There are numerous restaurants, supermarkets, coffee shops and ATMs all are very close to our serviced apartments.

So what are you waiting for? Book one of our furnished apartments now and enjoy your religious visit to tiruvannamalai !

ManasarovarHomes provide right short term accommodation for you within your budget. Tourists can book your accommodation right from your desktop and thus make your travel to Tiruvanamalai as comfortable and as memorable as possible.

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