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Manasarovar Homes- Your Haven Of Peace In Tiruvannamalai

Manasarovar Homes- Your Haven Of Peace In Tiruvannamalai
May 9, 2018

ManasarovarHomes offers client with accommodation that are fully equipped and decorated with maximum comfort & convenience, making our accommodation the ideal place for any type of stay. Our Serviced Apartment is located in Prime area, where the client can access the nearby sightseeing spots with the minimum displacement.

We rent serviced apartment in an unobstructed landscape. Our Rental Serviced Apartments are for 2-6 people and consist of a living room (The living room is equipped with a television, a dvd player, wifi connection and a telephone line), 2 bedrooms, an open kitchenette with a 2-plate hob and 2 bathrooms. They are a total of about 1200sq.ft and all our rooms that will offer comfort and serenity. All serviced apartments are equipped with private balcony along with a southern exposure.

In fine weather, relax around our corridor in a natural setting surrounded by mountains overlooking the annamalaiyar temple of Tiruvannamalai. If what you want is a relaxed environment, our serviced apartment will allow you to discover a different style of accommodation, away from the crowds, quiet and cozy.

If you want to book a luxurious serviced apartment in Tiruvannamalai at cheap rates, then choose Manasarovar Homes. Make your reservation without delay and benefit from low prices visit the Manasarovar Homes website! You can also book stays directly with your phone.

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