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Tiruvannamalai is a highly sacred and revered destination with plenty of temples. The Shiva temple in Tiruvannamalai is believed to be the largest temple in the world dedicated to lord Shiva. Shiva is known by devotees as Annamalayar or Arunachaleswarar. The Shiva temple is built around 700 A.D and is rich in history, tradition and […]


Maha Kumbhabhishekam of Tiruvannamalai Arunachaleswarar temple on 6 th Feb 2017!


Tiruvannamalai Arunachaleswarar temple’s MahaKumbhabhishekam is being celebrated on Monday, 6th Feb 2017. MahaKumbhabhishekamof Hindu temples are held either to formally consecrate a new Temple or re-consecrate an old one, which usually occurs at twelve-year intervals. The temple gets fully renovated with extensive cleaning and restoration work. The rituals culminate with the priests’ pouring sanctified water […]


What is Arunachaleshwara Giri Valam & Why should it be undertaken with a stay at Tiruvannamalai?


The circumambulation of Arunachala is known as Giri Pradakshina in Sanskrit and Giri Valam in Tamil. Performing pradakshina of Arunachala is considered to be beneficial in all ways. Typically, pradakshina is done in bare feet, with the Hill and Temple on the right. Sri Ramana Maharshi once explained the meaning of the word pradakshina and […]


Why Karthigai Deepam is celebrated in Thiruvannamalai


During the Tamil month of Karthigai on a full moon day, Lord Shiva appeared before Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma, who each considered himself supreme and said that the matter could be tested if the two could search for Lord Shiva’s Head and Feet. Lord Vishnu took the form of a boar and delved deep […]


Tiruvannamalai the Sacred City Of South India


Tiruvannamalai is one of the most revered cities in the state of TamilNadu, India. The word “Annamalai” refers to an inaccessible mountain. This temple city is situated about 80 kilometers from Vellore and 180 kilometres from Chennai. The temple town is one of the hubs for the Hindu religion and is also one of the […]


Why Manasarovar


Manasarovar in Himalayas is a serene and quiet place, the abode of Lord Siva. We named our facilities as Manasarovar Homes so that every guest feels that they are in such a quiet and serene place like Manasarovar. We intend creating this epic and mythological effect in our various facilities. Manasarovar Homes is proud to […]